5 Things Harry Potter Movies Did Better Than Books

5 Things Harry Potter Movies Did Better Than Books
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The Harry Potter fan community is massive, and people all over the world adore this series.

But since the books and the movies have their fair bit of differences, some people have a different understanding of both the wizarding world and the events that took place in it.

It's common knowledge that the books contain a lot more lore and story, and the majority of fans claim that the movies completely messed up some crucial elements of the series…

But there are also some things that the movies nailed perfectly and showed even better than we could've imagined from the books. Here's our top five.

The Tale of the Three Brothers

When you read the Tale yourself, it's just a story explaining the origins of the Deathly Hallows. But in the movies, the animators did a fantastic job at creating a truly special magical experience for the viewers.

This entire scene is absolutely amazing… And Death is deathinitely one of the main highlights. Sorry, we had to.

Felix Felicis

Sure, in the books Harry is very confident after taking some Felix Felicis. But Harry in the movies is so much more fun!

He appears tipsy with the Liquid Luck, and easily strides through every situation even though it's so clearly not supposed to work… The scene where he does the spider pincers while making clicky sounds is pure gold!

Piertotum Locomotor!

Before the final battle, Professor McGonagall uses Piertotum Locomotor to make Hogwarts' statues come to life and defend the castle.

It's so epic and dramatic that it gives you goosebumps every time you watch it… And then instant laughter as the Professor tells Molly Weasley she "always wanted to use that spell" and giggles.

The Yule Ball preparations

Another one with Professor McGonagall, the entire "let's teach kids to dance" scene was a great addition to the movies.

While it serves no other purpose other than crack you up with Ron and McGonagall's dance and the twins' jokes, it's just so well done! The pure joy from seeing Ron suffer is worth every second of watch time.

The Dark Mark removal

After Dumbledore's death, there's a scene where everyone — both students and professors — raises their wands to clear the Dark Mark from the sky.

It's a powerful moment showing how united and bonded these people remained even on their darkest night, after losing their greatest protector, to rid the world of darkness.