5 Reasons Why the Harry Potter Epilogue Was an Unforgivable Mistake

5 Reasons Why the Harry Potter Epilogue Was an Unforgivable Mistake
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It’s still annoying, even after all these years…

Undoubtedly, the Harry Potter franchise is the most rewatchable movie series of all time, with millions of fans around the world revising it annually. However, the majority of the fandom can agree that its epilogue is extremely frustrating to rewatch.

The second part of the Deathly Hallows wraps with the scene that offers a seemingly happy ending for the leads as they proudly watch their kids leaving for Hogwarts at King's Cross. However, this epilogue should have never existed, and here’s why.

  1. The Epilogue Ignores the Consequences of the War

The finale is set 19 years after the Wizarding War, and it’s quite a long time for its participants to recover from the traumas it brought. Nevertheless, Harry suffered such a painful experience fighting with the world’s biggest evil, and he seems to forget it all like it never happened. Kudos for the healing era, though…

  1. The Death Eaters’ Fate Is Unknown

Fans of the movie series will never know what happens to those who were on Voldemort’s side and what part of them returned to spreading their evil. We only see Draco Malfoy accompanying his son at the station, but what kind of person is he now?

  1. The Eventual Couples Are Obvious, Yet Unlikely

Yes, it’s a controversial issue, but we bet many of you would agree that Harry and Ginny have never had any chemistry between them, while Ron and Hermione’s couple was shown as a doomed one throughout the whole franchise. But we have what we have.

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  1. The Kids’ Names Are Really Weird

Harry and Ginny’s children - James Sirius, Albus Severus and Lily Luna - are named after those who made a great impact on Harry’s life. The idea to name them like that sounds like something out of fan fiction and seems to be cringey enough to make us laugh.

  1. There Should Be an Open Ending

Finally, there is quite a radical suggestion, but it can make sense in a way. It’d be curious for the audience to freely wonder how all characters recover from the War and then prove themselves as adults. Unfortunately, we have a clunky ending that still doesn’t explain anything, but, of course, says goodbye to both Harry and the story.

Were you happy with the ending?