5 of The Boys' Grossest Scenes, Ranked by Reddit

5 of The Boys' Grossest Scenes, Ranked by Reddit
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The Boys take ‘gross’ to a new level.

TV fans love to get together on social media to discuss anything and everything related to their favourite TV show - from favourite episode, worst storyline, favourite character and, in the case of Amazon Prime's The Boys ', the grossest scenes ever!

Based on the (very) graphic novel by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, The Boys has never shied away from the gory and the nasty, setting the tone right at the start of Season 1 and getting more and more bizarre with each new episode. In The Boys' world, superheroes aren't really heroes - they're corrupt, violent and freaky - so if you're wondering how all this stuff can happen in one show, it's pretty obvious actually.

Here are the top 5 grossest scenes from The Boys, as ranked by Redditors.

  1. The Deep’s gills scene

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In this disturbing scene, The Deep (portrayed by Chase Crawford) has a sexual encounter with a woman who is clearly intrigued by his unique physical features. However, things take a disturbing turn when she begins to touch his gills in a sexual manner, despite his repeated requests to stop. The scene is uncomfortable to watch, and even Crawford himself has admitted that watching it was more unpleasant than actually filming it with the actress.

  1. Popclaw crushing her landlord's head

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Popclaw's story is a tragic tale that highlights the dark side of being an under-appreciated superhero. Heartbroken by her lover's rejection, she injects herself with the deadly Compound V, resulting in an unexpected surge of strength and power. When her landlord arrives to collect the rent, she suggests that instead of paying him, they engage in a risque role-play. Unfortunately, things take a horrific turn when she accidentally sits on his face, crushing his skull and causing his brain to explode.

  1. Robin being turned to mush

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Robin's death in the first episode of season one sets the stage for Hughie's desire for revenge against The Seven. In a heart-wrenching scene, Robin and Hughie share a tender moment before A-Train, one of the superheroes, speeds past and obliterates Robin's body. The camera captures the gruesome aftermath in slow motion, with blood and body parts floating in the air. Hughie is left covered in blood and in shock as A-Train offers a half-hearted apology before continuing on his way.

  1. Mother’s Milk being strangled with a …

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The Boys has all kinds of explicit scenes, but this one is particularly... interesting. At one point, the Boys find themselves in a Vought-supported mental institution called the Sage Grove Centre, which houses a large number of super-powered individuals. Amidst the chaos caused by these supes, Mother's Milk gets into trouble with the tentacle that wraps around his neck and chokes him. After Kimiko subdues the supe responsible for the attack, it is revealed that he has a rather unusual... talent, and that the tentacle was actually his penis.

What can we say, that's The Boys for you.

  1. Termite killing his lover

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In what can only be described as the most disgusting moment of the show so far, Termite, a superhuman with the ability to shrink, becomes the target of the Bureau. Billy manages to capture him after a tragic incident in which Termite accidentally kills his lover in a disgustingly bizarre manner.

During an intimate moment, Termite's partner suggests something very naughty: that Termite should shrink and enter his urethra. After taking cocaine, Termite sneezes inside his partner, causing him to rapidly expand back to his original size. The result is a horrific explosion of blood, gore and body parts that leaves everyone shocked and horrified. This scene undoubtedly caused many jaws to drop.