5 Incredible Films That Almost Got Ruined By The Scenes That Make No Sense

5 Incredible Films That Almost Got Ruined By The Scenes That Make No Sense
Image credit: DC Entertainment/Warner Bros. Pictures

They were way too close to getting it all wrong.

There are some good movies, there are some terrible movies, there are some mediocre movies, and there are some that walk a very fine line between one or the other that could have been crossed at any time, but wasn't.

Whether it is bad acting by one of the actors, a couple of lame jokes, or an incredibly stale line in the middle of an otherwise heartfelt moment, there are a lot of things that can ruin your impression of a movie forever. But some movies are just so good that you're lucky if you're willing to let a thing or two slide.

Here are 5 movies that are so great, we're willing to overlook major flaws that would ruin any other story.

Dark Knight Rises

It's highly unbelievable for U.S. police to put down their guns and prefer fighting against criminals with their fists. However, doing so after being trapped for months makes the scene completely impossible.


In one scene where three characters discuss how the whole world may get wiped out if they weren't to stop an unseen protagonist, Elizabeth Debicki's Kat adds, "Including my son," and it feels extremely unnatural and just too obvious. The only thing that this moment added is a whole lot of eye rolls.

Man of Steel

It's not a good superhero story if there's no tragic family member death. Every hero needs to go through this struggle, and Superman is no exception. However, the comic book's death of Jonathan Kent from a heart attack was supposed to show that there are some things even he can't help fighting against. In the movie, it felt more like an unnecessary tear-jerker.

Which Jonathan Kent arc do you prefer?

Shrek Forever After

If Shrek and Fiona were the only reason left for you to believe in true love, seeing Shreck change his demeanor so suddenly must've been a true heartbreak. After doing so much for Fiona and being ready to sacrifice everything he had, it was just cruel of him to say how much he hates their domestic bliss. Even out of frustration.

King Kong

The scene where characters end up being trapped in the pit with insects might be one of the most terrifying ones of the whole film. However, the decision to take these insects off each other's bodies using machine guns must be the most idiotic one that cinematic history has ever seen.