5 Huge Questions Ahsoka Season 1 Left Unanswered

5 Huge Questions Ahsoka Season 1 Left Unanswered
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Ahsoka S1 left us with more mysteries than we had at the start, and it’s not until Season 2 that we might learn the answers. These five are the most frustrating!

5. Where Did Shin Hati Come From?

In Ahsoka, Shin Hati appeared out of thin air, sorry, vacuum. Her backstory was never revealed except for the fact that she was Baylan Skoll’s apprentice who followed him and his decisions. As interesting as Hati is, we’re still in the dark when it comes to her origins, and her final appearance in S1 only fuels our curiosity with her.

As she parts ways with her former master, Hati seemingly decides to stay on Peridea and search for power and influence there, forming alliances with local criminal groups. Peridea is quite a counter-intuitive place for ambition, but perhaps it’s somehow justified by Shin Hati’s backstory? Sadly, she’s still a mystery to us.

4. Who’s Baylan Skoll Striving to Become?

Shin Hati’s master, too, is a mysterious figure: the Dark Jedi on a quest for purpose, Baylan Skoll is willing to do questionable things to meet his ends. Skoll worked with Grand Admiral Thrawn and thought nothing of it since in his book, such actions were necessary for him to proceed. Oh, and he willingly dismissed his apprentice for that.

Baylan Skoll’s finale reveals his interest in the Force Gods of Mortis, but it’s not quite clear what he needs them for. Is it merely a research, an attempt to harvest their power, or even a desire to contact Abeloth? Skoll’s true motivations remain unclear, and we want to learn more about him — but until Season 2, we’re almost clueless.

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3. Who Was Marrok Before Nightsisters’ Magick?

The previously mentioned duo’s companion, Marrok could not be called an interesting character in the slightest. Always masked, always nonchalant, the only thing we knew about Marrok was his immense skill with the lightsaber. Well, you could also argue that his weapon suspiciously reminded one of the Inquisitor’s.

Marrok only became intriguing in his death as, after Ahsoka defeated him in their second duel, he emitted green mist. There’s only one conclusion following such a revelation: Marrok was kept alive by Nightsisters magick. And there’s only one question that follows: who was Marrok before that? Did we know his living self?

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2. What Makes Captain Enoch So Special?

Much like Marrok, Captain Enoch is not a particularly exciting character — but an intriguing one, nonetheless. The only Thrawn’s trooper to have a unique armor with, Enoch is there to follow every command of the Grand Admiral and look scary. But the mystery of his armor leads to another question: what makes him so special?

We don’t get any real Captain Enoch action in Ahsoka Season 1, but we bet it will change in the upcoming seasons. Unlike Marrok, who was already disposed of, Enoch is still alive, and we completely understand fans in their eagerness to learn more about him. After all, his only face we’ve seen so far was the golden one.

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1. How Is Ezra Bridger Still Alive and Free?

Before Ahsoka, the last we knew about Ezra Bridger was that he hyperspace-jumped to Peridea alongside Grand Admiral Thrawn. Now, years later, we find Ezra still chilling on the planet — alive, enthusiastic, and, weirder yet, free. Season 1 never cared much to explain how the Rebel managed to escape Thrawn’s grasp post-jump.

While this might seem like a minor question to some, it’s hard to overestimate its importance. The situation Ezra and Thrawn found themselves in after the hyperspace jump was very much not in the Rebel’s favor, and yet here he is. Did Thrawn do something to him? Is Ezra Bridger even trustworthy anymore?

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