5 Best Detective Shows to Stream on Netflix and Apple TV Plus Right Now

5 Best Detective Shows to Stream on Netflix and Apple TV Plus Right Now
Image credit: Netflix

There’s nothing like a good crime story.

If there's a genre more exciting and compelling than the mystery or crime story, it's yet to be found. Once you become a witness of a horrific crime scene or find some evidence that could point to a potential crime, it is impossible not to find yourself involved in a mystery.

No matter what time or place these stories take place, they all have one thing in common: once you start watching, you will not be able to stop.

So grab some snacks and prepare yourself to get lost in the world of these five detective TV series, available on either Netflix or Apple TV Plus.

Bodies (Netflix)

What could be better than a historical mystery? A mystery that also involves time travel. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but those who have seen just about every other murder mystery will find this one surprisingly refreshing and challenging to guess.

Defending Jacob (Apple TV Plus)

This extremely emotional story focuses on a father who works as an assistant district attorney and is faced with the case of his own son, who is accused of being the murderer of his classmate. It may not be a hard case to crack, but the performance of Chris Evans would definitely be worth your time.

Mindhunter ( Netflix)

Starring Jonathan Groff as Holden Ford, this TV show is perfect for anyone who loves intense interrogations and clever little mind tricks. If you're all about logic and want to get a closer look at the most twisted minds imaginable, you'll binge-watch this show in no time and be just as devastated when it's over.

Truth Be Told (Apple TV Plus)

Starring Octavia Spencer and Kate Hudson, Truth Be Told may be one of the best Apple TV Plus originals to date. It tells the story of a true-crime podcaster who gets a little too close to the truth in one of the cases she's talking about, and can't stop until she finds out who's to blame.

Lupin ( Netflix)

What could be better than the story of the crime and the detective at the same time? For the third season in a row, Lupin proves that the story is just as compelling as it was at the beginning of the series. In addition, the clever references to Arsène Lupin's methods of disguise make everything even more fun and dynamic.