5 Best Anime Based on Korean Manhwa Besides Solo Leveling

5 Best Anime Based on Korean Manhwa Besides Solo Leveling
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Manhwa-based anime is the future main opponent of Japanese titles, which you need to get to know right now.

The recent anime hit Solo Leveling is an adaptation of the cult Korean manhwa, which earned more than $30 million in 2020 and broke all ratings records.

Anime based on Korean manhwa is not as popular yet, but it is gradually gaining strength and may compete with Japanese titles in the coming years.

1. Tower of God, 2020

Tower of God is the first Korean web manhwa to get its own anime series. The original was released on the Webtoon platform, and in its home country it is comparable in popularity to such giants as One Piece and Naruto.

In unknown lands, there is a huge multi-level tower. Whoever reaches the top of it will receive divine power. Many people have gone through various tests to reach their cherished goal, but no one has succeeded yet.

Bam, who has no memory of his past, is one of the contestants. But in fact, he only wants to find Rachel, the woman who replaced his mother.

2. Noblesse, 2020

Noblesse is based on the Korean webcomic of the same name by Son Je-ho.

For centuries, humanity has been protected by the Noblesse, a race of nearly immortal and powerful beings. But over time, humans began to fear them and called them vampires, even though they do not drink blood.

The greatest of the nobles, Cadis Etrama Di Raizel, has been asleep for 820 years and has awakened in modern Japan. He now lives in Tokyo in the guise of the young man Rai, a student at a school run by his longtime servant, Frankenstein.

Rai tries to understand the morality of the modern world. Rai's plans are thwarted by the criminal organization, which seeks to learn the ancient secrets of the nobles in order to rule the world.

3. Lookism, 2022-…

The Korean manhwa created by Taejun Pak was so popular that it became the next Korean project to be released on Netflix after Squid Game.

Lookism is about school bullying and body shaming, which the main character Park suffers from. But one morning, the boy finds himself with a perfect body that instantly makes him an object of desire for many girls. All that remains is to solve the mystery of the magical transformation.

4. The God of High School, 2020

The anime The God of High School is based on the South Korean manhwa of the same name by author Yongje Park.

An unknown organization is organizing an all-Japan tournament among high school students to determine the strongest – the God of High School. Every year, hundreds of fighters take part in this tournament, but there is only one winner, and he is given the opportunity to fulfill any of his wishes – money, unlimited power, or even immortality.

5. Blade of the Phantom Master, 2004

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The full-length anime based on the Korean manhwa of the same name was the first collaboration between Korean and Japanese animators.

In ancient times, there was a great kingdom called Jushin. The ruler's reliable support was the Amheng Osa, who were able to call upon an indestructible army of ghost warriors to help them.

When the kingdom of Jushin was destroyed, it seemed that the legendary Amheng Osa had disappeared. But to this day, a lonely Amheng Osa named Munsu, along with his faithful bodyguard, the warrior girl Sando, wanders the devastated lands, unable to forget his duty – searching for the one who destroyed Jushin.