25 Most Underrated Anime Series (& Where to Stream Them in 2024)

25 Most Underrated Anime Series (& Where to Stream Them in 2024)
Image credit: Crunchyroll

Although millions of people have been obsessed with anime for decades, the general Western audience only started paying attention to Japanese animation a few years ago, when Netflix started spending millions of dollars on anime content.

And if you recently joined Anime fandom, but have already scanned all the mainstream anime shows and want more, then there are 25 underrated anime shows that will totally fulfill all your wishes!

The idea of anime being underrated is actually quite tricky - it's important to remember that in Japan, people watch anime without subtitles, which allows them to watch almost anything.

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So the anime on this list are only underrated in the Western world, where mainstream anime reigns supreme.

And take our word for it, all of the anime listed above are worth seeing - small indie productions are the ones experimenting with the anime canon, and their projects feel much more unique than the likes of "Naruto " and "Bleach".

Even if they don't have millions of fans behind them, the anime on this list need to be acknowledged. They may have failed to reach the mainstream due to a lack of marketing, or they may simply appeal to a small niche of anime lovers, but they are certainly worth a look!