15 Best Sci-Fi Shows You've Never Seen (Cause They Only Lasted 1 Season)

15 Best Sci-Fi Shows You've Never Seen (Cause They Only Lasted 1 Season)
Image credit: Legion-Media, NBC

Not every show with an interesting premise has the possibility to showcase the plot in all its glory: some of them, sadly, get canceled way too early.

That's what happened with these sci-fi series that lasted only for one season.

The reasons for such an abrupt cancellation may be different, but most of the time they are rooted in money. The show either didn't garner a big enough audience to become profitable or was too ambitious in its spending.

Now, the low popularity could be caused either by poor marketing, the wrong time slot, or the wrong release window (Threshold had to fight with Surface, Invasion, and Supernaturals for viewers' attention, for example, which doesn't seem fair).

But also it could be quite simple: sci-fi worlds usually tend to be quite complicated and one season is simply not enough to properly lay out all the specifics of it to the audience and make them really invested.

If you think about Almost Human, it has some interesting concepts that were just barely touched upon and ends on a huge cliffhanger, with more questions than answers: all because it was planned to be a five-season show originally, it was doomed by Fox.