14 Most Popular Shows on Prime in March 2024

14 Most Popular Shows on Prime in March 2024
Image credit: Prime Video

Prime's catalog grows fast and offers new shows regularly, but these ones topped the charts in March already.

Some came back from a huge hiatus, others are completely new but were already able to capture the audiences — and now it's time for you to choose which of these deserve your attention.

Seeing how some of the widely-known series have returned to the screens from a break is relieving. For a show like True Detective, its newest season offers something completely new while still keeping the original formula and feel of the first few runs.

The continuation of The Walking Dead fills you simultaneously with dread and hope, and maybe this one feels a bit dragged, but we're still happy that the franchise keeps striving. The most interesting part is the new take on Mr. & Mrs. Smith, which is not a full remake of the 2005 film but something with a different premise that works for this cast wonderfully.

The funniest thing, however, is seeing how the release of Avatar: The Last Airbender live-action on Netflix has prompted people to go watch the original animated series wherever it's available — and it happened to be Prime. Streaming services are interconnected, after all.