10 Wackiest Western Movies Ever Made to Watch on Prime, Tubi & More

10 Wackiest Western Movies Ever Made to Watch on Prime, Tubi & More
Image credit: Buena Vista Pictures

It's no secret that the Western genre has fallen out of favor with critics and moviegoers alike, and it looks like the modern Western's overly serious approach to storytelling and character personalities is to blame.

People don't want to see movies about cowboys and outlaws when they look like History Channel documentaries, with no jokes and no plot twists.

Luckily, some directors realize this and make wacky and outrageous Westerns to please the fans, trading the genre's high self-esteem for self-deprecation, which is really the only way to make such a dated genre feel viable again.

Here are 10 of the wackiest westerns ever made:

Obviously, Western purists will have a hard time enjoying these movies, as they break the canon of the genre at every appropriate and inappropriate opportunity, often making fun of the classic Western movies.

However, the films on this list will certainly appeal to haters of the genre, as they update the tired formulas of Old West movies to modern standards, playing more like offbeat comedies than the historical dramas that so many of the older Westerns resemble.

Give these movies a chance, and we are sure that the Western will become one of your favorite genres!