10 Unforgettable Twist Movie Endings That Stuck With Us Forever

10 Unforgettable Twist Movie Endings That Stuck With Us Forever
Image credit: Summit Entertainment, Next Entertainment World

An ending can ruin a movie. Even if the quality of the movie is impeccable right up to the finale, it can't save the picture if the ending itself is lame and poorly thought out.

And creating a good ending is not as easy as you might think - the screenwriter must not only come up with an interesting way to wrap up the story, but also connect it to the story that came before.

We decided to pick some of the most unforgettable moments that will stay with you forever, and we are not talking about boring plot twists. The endings on this list feel more like a gut punch than a surprise - they are shocking, but not in a cheap way.

Yes, there are no M. Night Shyamalan movies on this list, even though the director is best known as a genius of sudden final twists. The thing is, Shyamalan's movies usually end with something no one could have predicted, but since fans are simply shocked by an ending, it won't stick with them forever, as they will only remember the very last moments of the movie, not the movie itself.

The movies on this list, on the other hand, are elevated by their endings, because all the parts of the movies are connected, and the gut-punch effect of the endings works much better.

If you want to see a movie that will be on your mind for months to come, look no further than the ones on this list!