10 Longest-Running Anime That Have Overstayed Their Welcome

10 Longest-Running Anime That Have Overstayed Their Welcome
Image credit: Legion-Media

Anime shows are notoriously long, and while that trend has begun to diminish in recent years as Japanese studios began to adapt the format of Western series, a whole bunch of great anime from the past are simply too long and confusing to watch unless you have an infinite amount of free time.

Here are 10 anime that have clearly overstayed their welcome:

Let's get one thing straight – all of the aforementioned anime shows are masterpieces, and millions of fans can easily confirm this statement. However, it can't be denied that all of them are a bit too long for their own good.

Fans of the anime genre have been complaining about the abundance of filler episodes for more than two decades at this point, urging the writers to cut the unnecessary content in favor of leaner and more condensed episodes.

Even the best of the best, like "Naruto, " suffers from filler. Nearly 30 percent of the entire series is simply skippable because nothing of substance happens in it. Fortunately, there are plenty of guides on the Internet that list the filler episodes and help you optimize your viewing experience (and by that, I mean just skip those annoying fillers completely).