10 Graphic Novels You Didn't Know Were Made Into Films

10 Graphic Novels You Didn't Know Were Made Into Films
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1. "Road to Perdition" (2002)

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In the dark alleys of 1931's mob-controlled America, Michael Sullivan worked as an enforcer for crime boss John Rooney. However, trouble in this stormy paradise brews when Michael's son witnesses a mob killing. The vicious Connor Rooney, fearing exposure, tries eliminating loose ends; he orchestrates an ambush, leaving Michael's wife and younger son dead. Now, the roads turn wet with rain and revenge as Michael, with his surviving son, embark on a vendetta. Hunting for retribution and a mobster's stash, the duo are pursued by a methodical hitman. Yet, amidst gunfire and betrayals, it's a story of fatherhood, legacy, and redemption. After all, every road, no matter how treacherous, leads somewhere.

2. "A History of Violence" (2005)

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Tom Stall, an unassuming diner owner in Indiana, becomes a town hero after thwarting a robbery in a display of uncanny prowess. Media attention, though? That comes with its own unwanted guests. Enter Carl Fogarty and his gang, claiming Tom's actually Joey Cusack, a brutal mob hitman from Philly. As tension rises like a kettle's whistle, Tom's peaceful facade begins cracking, revealing a past drenched in crimson. With family and life at stake, a question looms: Can one truly escape their history, or do old habits (and enemies) die hard? Sometimes, a slice of pie comes with a heavy past.

3. "Ghost World" (2001)

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Enid and Rebecca, freshly graduated, find themselves at the crossroads of adulthood in a world that's more caricature than reality. Amid their biting sarcasm, they answer a man's personal ad for kicks, introducing them to Seymour, an eccentric record collector. As Enid becomes oddly fascinated with Seymour, drifting occurs—between aspirations and realities, dreams and drudgeries. The girls' friendship, once rock solid, shows fracture lines. Enid's struggle? Finding a niche in a world she scoffs at. Sometimes, ghostly towns have the loudest echoes.

4. "Blue Is the Warmest Color" (2013)

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Amidst Lille's cobbled streets, young Adèle's life transforms when she meets Emma, a woman with striking blue hair. Their relationship, igniting from a spark to a blaze, traverses the complexities of love, desire, and identity. As years flit by, the palette of their relationship changes; passionate reds fade, serene blues darken. While Emma's artistic career takes flight, Adèle struggles, teaching kids while craving more—emotionally and professionally. Like paintings, they're masterpieces of moments, sometimes harmonious and at times, clashing. In a sea of colors, blue remains unforgettable. For, love, like art, has its own warm and cold.

5. "Surrogates" (2009)

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Imagine a world where everyone stays home, while robotic surrogates live their lives outside. Crime? Nearly extinct. Physical harm? Impossible, until a surrogate gets destroyed, and its operator mysteriously dies. Enter Agent Greer, diving into a techno-conspiracy where lines blur between human and machine. As he strips layers off this digital onion, he discovers a plot to reset humanity. In a realm of artificial faces, the most genuine thing might just be raw human emotion. Beneath circuits and wires, heartbeats still resonate.

6. "The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec" (2010)

Paris, 1912: Journalist Adèle Blanc-Sec seeks mummies for a zany reason – reviving a doctor to save her sister. But Paris has its quirks; a pterosaur's terrorizing the city, confounding cops. While Adèle chases ancient Egyptian secrets, she battles detectives, rival archaeologists, and cultists. Pyramid plots, a hibernating scientist, and magic juxtapose against the Belle Époque backdrop. With tombs and tomb raiders, it's not just about history, but the pulse of adventure. Who knew the road to a cure involved crypts and comedy? Sometimes, seeking the old awakens new escapades.

7. "Stardust" (2007)

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Young Tristan vows to fetch a fallen star for his beloved, leading him beyond his village's walls into the magical realm of Stormhold. But stars here? They're luminous, leggy, and named Yvaine. Pursued by ancient witches craving her heart and princes wanting a magical ruby, the duo embarks on a journey. As airships sail and unicorns gallop, Tristan discovers his true lineage and potential. Fantasy unravels romance, showing that sometimes stars align, quite literally. For in a world of wonders, the brightest shine might just be love.

8. "Snowpiercer " (2013)

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Earth, frozen in an ice age due to a climate experiment gone wrong, shelters its last survivors on a perpetually moving train. Divided by class—elite at the front, downtrodden tail-enders at the back. Curtis, from the grimy tail, leads a rebellion against the oppressive front cars. As they carve a path forward, each car reveals societal layers, from opulent to sinister. Behind it all? Wilford, the train's creator, with chilling revelations about the engine's workings. On tracks of steel, revolutions of hope and despair chug incessantly. For even in cold confines, the human spirit's fire burns relentless.

9. "2 Guns" (2013)

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Bobby and Stig, two criminals, rob a bank expecting millions but end up with a whopping $81 million, inadvertently stealing the CIA's dirty money. What's the catch? Bobby's DEA and Stig's Naval Intelligence—both thinking the other's a regular crook. In a world of shifting allegiances, they're hunted by their agencies, cartels, and corrupt officers. Bullets, banter, and betrayals ignite as they unravel a conspiracy. The duo learns trust isn't a given, especially with a pile of cash between them. Because sometimes, two guns are better than one, especially when everyone's a target.

10. "Atomic Blonde" (2017)

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Berlin, 1989: The Wall's about to fall, but the Cold War's espionage game? Still frigid. Enter Lorraine Broughton, MI6's top spy, dispatched to retrieve a list of double agents. Berlin's maze isn't easy: allies are scarce, enemies shadowy, and James McAvoy's David Percival is... unpredictable. As Lorraine kicks, shoots, and fights in rhythmic choreography, neon lights paint her path. Is it just about the list? Or are there layers to Lorraine's mission? In a city of shadows, even blondes can have dark secrets.