10 Best Sci-Fi Shows from 2024 You Shouldn't Miss Out On

10 Best Sci-Fi Shows from 2024 You Shouldn't Miss Out On
Image credit: Disney, Netflix

If you’re serious about quality sci-fi, here’s your must-watch list for this year.

10. The Signal (2024)

During a mission, an astronaut mysteriously disappears without a trace. Down on Earth, her husband decides to investigate the incident following the bread crumb trail left by his wife while also learning to be a single father. The closer he gets to the truth, the more he realizes that it won’t affect just his family but the entire humankind.

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9. Jurassic World: Chaos Theory (2024)

Everyone loves dinosaurs, but that affection rarely lasts long after a person gets to encounter one of those beasts in person. After the events at Camp Cretaceous, members of The Nublar Six are trying to set things right, navigating a world now filled with dinosaurs out in the wilderness… And people who are trying to hunt them down.

Watch Jurassic World: Chaos Theory on Netflix.

8. Ark: The Animated Series (2024)

Based on a popular video game Ark: Survival Evolved, this TV show follows a paleontologist who ends up on a mysterious island where the prehistoric beasts and people from different eras are brought back to life and have to co-exist together. With a new friend, a local tribe hunter, she struggles to understand what happened to her.

Watch Ark: The Animated Series on Apple TV and Prime Video.

7. Dune: Prophecy (2024)

Set in the Dune universe, Prophecy follows the lives and intrigues of the early Bene Gesserit members. The mysterious order of women wielding immense powers wants to control as much of the known universe and its politics, but their ultimate goal is all they really care about: they want to create an all-powerful being who sees the future.

Watch Dune: Prophecy on Max.

6. Star Wars: Tales of the Empire (2024)

Another story from the galaxy far, far away, Tales of the Empire follows two main characters. One of them is a young woman who lost everything and traverses the Empire in search of revenge, and the other is an experienced former Jedi who’s struggling to survive in the rapidly changing galaxy as the Empire expands.

Watch Star Wars: Tales of the Empire on Disney Plus.

5. Parasyte: The Grey ( 2024)

Don’t you think that “everyone is out to destroy humankind” plots are a sign of our hubris? No? Anyway. In Parasyte, the human race is attacked by dangerous, you guessed it, parasites that take control over their victims to wreak havoc. One such parasite fails to completely control his host, and they’re now forced to co-exist.

Watch Parasyte: The Grey on Netflix.

4. 3 Body Problem ( 2024)

The butterfly effect is but a fancy name for the consequences of one’s actions. Back in the 1960s, a Chinese scientist secretly helped an alien civilization migrate to Earth, but her decision seals the fate of our species decades into the future, where the fate of humankind and our planet is under the biggest existential threat in history.

Watch 3 Body Problem on Netflix.

3. Dark Matter (2024)

As the saying goes, when you’re getting too comfortable, the universe throws you into a sequence of parallel realities to face the lives you could have lived and the choices you could have made. A man who found himself in this exact situation has to undergo a harrowing journey to return to his real family and save them from himself.

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2. The Acolyte ( 2024)

Another Star Wars animated series, The Acolyte is first and foremost notable thanks to it being set in the High Republic era — finally. In these prosperous times, the galaxy is shaken by a shockingly brutal murder spree, and a respected Jedi together with his padawan embark on a journey to uncover the truth about them.

Watch The Acolyte on Disney Plus.

1. Fallout ( 2024)

The latest sensation on our list, Fallout is based on a popular video game series of the same name. In a post-nuclear apocalypse world, three people are searching for one rogue scientist: a deranged bounty hunter, an aspiring warrior of a military order, and a young girl thrown into the brutal Wasteland from the safety of her native Vault.

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