10 Best Ongoing Sci-Fi Shows & Where To Stream Them

10 Best Ongoing Sci-Fi Shows & Where To Stream Them
Image credit: Paramount+, Netflix

If you’re a sci-fi fan who wants to experience the thrill of new episodes coming out, here are the ten best current shows you should totally catch up to.

10. Superman & Lois (2021)

To finally answer the classic question of whether superheroes get to live normal lives at some point, Superman & Lois returns its titular characters to Smallville where they plan to raise their two kids in peace. They quickly learn that working and parenting is even harder than saving the world… And that villains didn’t simply forget about them.

You can stream Superman & Lois on Max, Apple TV, and Prime Video.

9. The Umbrella Academy ( 2019)

Child superheroes sound cool as a concept, but the kids involved turn out to become dysfunctional adults. At least, that’s what happened to the former Umbrella Academy kids who, after years of growing apart and leading their separate lives, need to suddenly reunite to save the world. Except their mentor is dead, and they’re…weird.

You can stream The Umbrella Academy on Netflix.

8. The Mandalorian ( 2019)

The new best Star Wars project, The Mandalorian follows, you guessed it, a proud Mandalorian forced to become a bounty hunter to survive in the harsh reality. He’s stuck on the border of the Galaxy, far from the New Republic’s reach — until he’s hired to retrieve a special baby and decides to protect it, instead. Now, he’s in reach.

You can stream The Mandalorian on Apple TV and Disney Plus.

7. The Flash ( 2014)

Being the only one who believes in superpowers is hard, especially when you’re an adult and your colleagues don’t appreciate your worldview. But for one crime scene investigator, this situation turns out better than most: after being struck by lightning, he becomes The Flash, a superspeedy hero who decides to fight crime on his own.

You can stream The Flash on Max, Netflix, and Prime Video.

6. Rick and Morty ( 2013)

Every kid dreams about having a cool grandpa who’d tell them about his adventures. Well, Morty received even more than he’d bargained for: his gramps Rick is a mad scientist with many enemies, insane ideas, and drinking issues. The boy’s quiet life turns upside down when Rick starts dragging him around the universe with him.

You can stream Rick and Morty on Hulu, Max, Netflix, and Prime Video.

5. Loki ( 2021)

If you’ve never been able to wrap your head around the Marvel Multiverse and how it came to be, welcome to Loki! This series follows everyone’s favorite God of Mischief while he time travels back and forth, stuck in his very own crime thriller and trying to fix the breaking timeline and prevent a universe-scale tragedy from happening.

You can stream Loki on Disney Plus.

4. Star Trek: Discovery (2017)

A true gift for all Star Trek fans, Discovery follows the events that preceded the adventures of everyone’s favorite Enterprise crew. Another unique spaceship, the USS Discovery, led by the rogue Commander Michael Burnham, explores the vast horizons of the universe, discovering new planets, species, and lifeforms.

You can stream Star Trek: Discovery on Netflix and Prime Video.

3. Doctor Who ( 1963, 2005)

Speaking of “ongoing” shows, Doctor Who is the absolute champion. This TV series following the adventures of a rogue Time Lord throughout various times and spaces first began all the way back in 1963, and it’s still going strong! If you wish to never run out of content, Doctor Who is perhaps the best sci-fi series you can pick up.

You can stream Doctor Who on BBC, Max, Apple TV, Disney Plus, and Prime Video.

2. Stranger Things ( 2016)

Following a group of kids from a rural Indiana town, Stranger Things quickly turns from a show about a kid gone missing into a wild cocktail of all things supernatural, paranormal, and magical. Netflix’s biggest original series, Stranger Things is a worldwide sensation for a reason, and you can still catch up to it before the finale.

You can stream Stranger Things on Netflix.

1. The Orville (2017)

Often titled as the new Star Trek, The Orville picks up the ever-so-popular concept of a diverse spaceship crew on a quest of exploring the galaxy and takes it to the next level. The crew of the USS Orville travels to the distant outskirts of the known world, discovering new worlds, establishing useful contacts, and dealing with mysteries.

You can stream The Orville on Hulu, Disney Plus, and Prime Video.