10 Animated Films from the '90s That Deserve a Rewatch

10 Animated Films from the '90s That Deserve a Rewatch
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It's almost like those VHS tapes are rewinding themselves, waiting for another watch.

1. "The Swan Princess" (1994)

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In an age where arranged marriages were a thing, Princess Odette and Prince Derek, though reluctant initially, fell head-over-heels. Yet, the path of love? Not smooth. The evil sorcerer Rothbart had designs, turning Odette into a swan by day. The catch? Only moonlight could break the spell, if someone professed undying love. The duo, with animal pals by their side, battled Rothbart's dark designs, proving once again that love conquers all (and magical transformations).

2. "The Brave Little Toaster" (1987)

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Who knew household gadgets had souls? Well, a toaster, lamp, radio, blanket, and vacuum sure did. Abandoned in a cabin, they missed their boy (classic human error, right?). Their solution? An electrifying road-trip across forests and junkyards to reunite with him. Encounters with quirky machines, near death by crusher, and a final showdown with modern appliances awaited them. Sometimes, the real voltage lies in nostalgia and unwavering friendship.

3. "The Secret of NIMH" (1982)

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Field mice and their usual troubles? Scratch that. When Mrs. Brisby faced the demolition of her home, she unearthed NIMH's secret: a society of genetically enhanced animals. She learned her late husband, Mr. Brisby, was part of a forbidden experiment and bore an amulet of untold power. Facing rats, a looming plow, and the mysteries of NIMH, Mrs. Brisby showcased a mother's indomitable spirit. Remember, sometimes the smallest of tales casts the mightiest shadows.

4. "Rock-A-Doodle" (1991)

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Chanticleer was no ordinary rooster; his crow brought the sun up! But one day, a jealous cockfight ensued, the sun rose without his voice, and he fled to the city in shame. Darkness and rain enveloped the farmland, and a young boy, Edmond, turned feline, knew the solution: get Chanticleer back. Journeying to the city, with animated animals in tow, Edmond confronted an evil owl and Chanticleer's flashy city life. Ever heard that true courage shines even without spotlights? Well, this movie crowed it loud.

5. "Once Upon a Forest" (1993)

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Deep in Dapplewood forest, three young pals – a mole, a hedgehog, and a badger – lived their idyllic lives. But disaster, in the form of toxic gas, disrupted their green haven, leaving one of their friends critically ill. The trio embarked on a perilous journey to retrieve the antidote, braving cities, roads, and potential predators. Through thick and thin, they realized that nature's wrath was but a reflection of human recklessness. The message? Protect, preserve, and value every twig, every leaf. Because a forest's tale is a mirror to our deeds.

6. "We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story" (1993)

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Captain Neweyes, armed with "Brain Grain" cereal, did the unthinkable: he made dinosaurs think (and talk). Why? To fulfill children's wishes in New York. But the Big Apple isn't just skyscrapers; sinister plans by Neweyes' brother, Professor Screweyes, cast shadows. With a spooky circus, dark contracts, and time-travel mishaps, the dinosaurs battled fear itself. One might muse: in a city that never sleeps, can the ancient past become a vibrant present? Time, after all, is but a chewy cereal bite.

7. "FernGully: The Last Rainforest" (1992)

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FernGully, a rainforest paradise untouched by man, housed Crysta, an inquisitive fairy. When she accidentally shrinks Zak, a human logger, the plot thickens. Zak, witnessing the forest's destruction firsthand, had a change of heart. Meanwhile, Hexxus, a spirit of destruction encapsulated in a tree, was accidentally released, thriving on pollution and chaos. Forests fell, spirits withered, but united, the creatures of FernGully took a stand. So, is nature's symphony only as strong as its guardians? Tune in, for each leaf tells a tale.

8. "Cats Don't Dance" (1997)

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Hollywood, where dreams shimmer. Enter Danny, a cat with silver-screen aspirations, only to learn: toons don't get lead roles. But with Sawyer, a disillusioned feline co-star, and a cohort of outcast animals, a plot brewed. They'd make their own success story. Battling a manipulative child star, Darla Dimple, and drenching studios in floods, their spirits never wavered. Because when life hands you a script, why not jazz-dance your way through? Lights, camera, furry action!

9. "Anastasia" (1997)

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Russia's Grand Duchess Anastasia. Remembered, but lost to time. Or was she? Anastasia, now "Anya," an amnesiac orphan, teamed up with con men Dimitri and Vladimir for Parisian adventures. Hunting her past, evading the dark Rasputin's magic, and dancing at glittering balls, her history unraveled. Every necklace holds a past; every song, a memory. In the heart of winter, hope could just bloom anew.

10. "A Troll in Central Park" (1994)

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Stanley, a troll with a green thumb (literally!), was banished from his realm for, well, creating life. Landing in Central Park, New York, he befriended two kids, Rosie and Gus. With his magical green thumb, he transformed the park into a verdant wonderland, attracting the ire of Queen Gnorga, who thrived on barrenness. Trolls clashed, magic was wielded, but at the heart of it, a simple message bloomed. Even in urban jungles, isn't there a tiny green space longing for a touch of magic? That's New York for you, where even trolls find dreams.